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Class of 1963                        50th Reunion                June 28-30, 2013

Fredericton, New Brunswick


MAY 2014


The FHS Class of ‘63 had a lot of fun at our 50-year reunion last June.  One of the most special parts was seeing old friends and reminiscing about ‘the good ole days’.  Our class President, Dr. Phil MacFarlane of Houlton, suggested the idea of having a gathering of the class before our 60th reunion in 2023. The Fredericton-based organizing committee agreed, and at the end of January, set the date of Thursday, May 29 for a lunchtime get-together at the recently renovated Train Station on York Street.

            YOU ARE INVITED and we hope you can come!!! This isn’t a full-scale reunion, but it promises to be a really nice opportunity to see old friends, to laugh and tell stories, and to catch up with each other. We hope that lots and lots of people come, especially those within driving distance of Fredericton.

            There will be more updates as we get closer to the event, but here’s what is planned:

·        Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Location: the Train Station on York Street (@ corner of Aberdeen)

Lunch: something light and delicious (either catered or purchased locally) +          nibblies, tea, coffee, and pop included; wine or beer for those who wish
Cost: $20 (for those who don’t wish to drink alcohol) or $25 (for those who do)

RSVP: so we can make sure we have enough food and drink we’ll need to know by May 20 who is coming – an RSVP reminder will be sent in late April or early May

 Do you suppose at least 63 members of the class of ’63 would come? That’s our target number. Will you join us? We hope so.

For more information contact Jim Morell at jamorell@nbnet.nb.ca
February 11, 2014


*New Slideshows*

50 Plus 1 May 2014

Photos by Philipa 

Photos by Karina 

Photos by Duncan 


Reunion Photos



 That was the question many of the attendees were asking on Saturday night and Sunday morning as the Class of 63’s 50-year reunion was winding down. Based on the comments organizing committee members have received, the weekend was a tremendous success. Everyone had a great time and, logistically, things went off without a hitch. The drizzle even stopped long enough, between the dinner and the dance on Saturday evening, for us to get a 50-years-later class photo.

Following a very efficient registration process (thanks to Philippa (Thompson) Gourley and her team) the weekend began with a Meet 'n Greet on Friday evening. Right from the start, the buzz in the room at Rigby Hall was a good indicator that we were glad to see each other and get caught up on the comings and goings, the ups and the downs, of our lives. Joan (Taylor) Lamrock and her team did a great job decorating the hall and putting together the memorabilia boards, which were popular. Roger Smith’s nostalgic slideshow of 1963 and 1988 photos, which is in the process of being posted on the website, was a highlight. It’s worth a look.

Saturday was packed with events and was fun-filled. Frank Downie’s Autumn Blaze maple tree was planted and plaqued at the ‘new’ FHS, right beside Duncan Campbell’s evergreen from 1988. About 25 attended. The tour of the ‘old’ FHS on George Street was very popular and the 40 who attended had a ball. They noted that the structure is exactly as it was in ’63 but there are a few changes – for example: our green blackboards have been replaced by white ‘smart boards’ that are interconnected with computers and have become interactive learning stations. As we walked the halls many ‘remember the time when ...’ stories were exchanged and many asked ‘was this our classroom?’. At noon Frank Jardine hosted about 55 of us for a Blighty’s Fish ‘n Chips lunch at his auction centre and the old cars that Paul Embleton, Bill Hansen and others brought were popular to look at.

Paul Embleton chaired the dinner that evening. The highlights included an introduction by Kay LeBlanc of two special guests - retired teachers Jerry McFarland and Frank Lawrence, a brief remembrance by Jim Morell of 29 classmates who have passed away, a welcome from class president Dr. Phil MacFarlane, a couple of great stories and a reunion poem by David Morgan, the singing by glee clubbers + friends of two songs that were sung at our graduation ceremony (Bonnie Hamilton-Bogart directing),  rousing renditions (flash-mob-style) of “We Are The Students of Fredericton High” and “Ad-a-boo-bah”, the drawing of tickets on a 50/50 for cash and prizes.

Noel Nason’s dance band was terrific in their renditions of 50’s and 60’s hits. We relived our Friday night dances in the gym as we jived and sang along for 2½ hours to Elvis, Patsy Cline, Paul Anka , the Everley Brothers and more.  Everyone enjoyed the music whether dancing or just listening to the old songs.  The lights went out just before 11 pm and everyone went home, danced-out and asking how to deal with sore muscles and tired feet.

Sunday morning 55 of us enjoyed the last couple of hours together at a farewell brunch at the Ramada. Bud and Judy Randall even brought along some delicious home-made maple syrup for us to put on our French toast. It was another great time of catching up and looking ahead, plus many hugs and handshakes.

The question remains open .... when should the Class of ‘63 gather together again?? We invite your feedback.... send comments to jamorell@nbnet.nb.ca

 Reunions Notes:

·         Treasurer Wilfred Alliston is now collecting invoices and issuing cheques. A summary of income and expenses will be posted on this website in a few weeks, including how much will be donated to the FHS scholarship/bursary fund.

 ·         Our professional photographer, Karina Kierstead, will soon be sending us a selection of ‘best photos’ from which we’ll select a number to post on the website... hopefully within a month or so.

 ·         Don McElman won the cash from the 50/50 draw and Lyle Saunders won the beautiful quilt donated by Joan (Taylor) Lamrock. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to the FHS scholarship and bursary fund.

 ·         Of our 240 or so classmates/graduates we couldn’t get contact information for 23 and 29 have passed away. We were able, we think, to reach 188 with our reunion newsletters. Of that number we had 90 attend + an additional 48 partners or spouses.

David Morgan's 50 Plus 1 Poem (May 2014)

David Morgan's Poem

**An FHS pin (a keepsake) was found at Rigby Hall after the reunion. Contact Joan Lamrock if it's yours.

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