At BrunNet, we pride ourselves on being a full IT service provider, but there are some IT solutions that are just out of our immediate realm.  Luckily, being part of the Varnex community allows us access to experts from across North America in the more specialized IT fields that we can partner with and draw from their expertise.  That’s what makes the Varnex Network so special.

The Varnex Network

In today’s marketplace, to gain a competitive advantage you need to stay on top of the latest technology. As the pace new technology is launched increases month after month, that is easier said than done.  You need a trusted local IT provider to sift through the avalanche of information and hype; to screen out everything except the innovations that answer your direct business challenges.  That’s our job, and what we do best.

No one IT company can keep up with the world of applications across all verticals, nor can they fill the training and certification requirements of all major IT software and hardware manufacturers. That’s where the Varnex Network comes in. Being a member of Varnex, BrunNet can extend our own range of expertise through partnership with other network members – top performers in dynamic IT fields. We have the ability to draw from a pool of over 450+ IT providers across North America.

As your local trusted IT provider, we install, support, and update your core business apps and storage networking infrastructure. But as members of the Varnex network, we are also your source for IT application needs beyond our core expertise and region.

The Varnex Network’s Scalable Workforce: Trusted IT Professionals Nationwide, On Demand

A ready store of proven technology expertise

As a member of the Varnex Network, our access to technical expertise is virtually unlimited.  We can draw on thousands of IT professionals and technicians who can augment our team to meet spikes in IT needs at all levels. Varnex’ scalable workforce is ideal for project-based, cyclical and start-up periods that require far more hands than usual, but only for a limited number of days, weeks, or months.  Technology crises often see the same workforce demands, and we’re able to scale resources up quickly to meet mission critical needs.

A breathing space for tight timeframes

With the Varnex scalable workforce, we can squeeze large projects into tight deadlines; for example, outfitting multiple school campuses with hundreds of Chromebooks, configured and charged, during a three-day vacation, under our own supervision.

We can help keep your costs down and predictable by assigning the more routine but essential cabling and racking tasks to less expensive contracted help. We provide references and background checks of all contingency workers upon request.

An Authorized/Certified Installer/Repairer for Every Product.

The Varnex scalable workforce enables you us to draw on the technical certifications of fellow members, meeting the installation and maintenance requirements of a broader range of products through the temporary hire and exchange of peers’ authorized service contractors.

Markets Served

With our extended network of IT solution providers, we are able to draw from the expertise and experiences from this network to best serve our customers in the following fields:

  • Government (State, Local, Provincial, Municipal)
  • Federal Government
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Non-profit
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Legal
  • Financial Services
  • Commercial
  • Services Industry
  • Security
  • Business Services
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture

Varnex Partner Services: Technology Expertise

As IT providers specializing in your industry, we know the vertical IT landscape and its product developments. We have the training, certifications, and experience to assess your needs and match them to the design, installation, and support of the right software and hardware.

There are always new developments in B2B technology, in more disciplines than any one consultancy can practice.  There are specialists in horizontally applied technologies like telecom, Internet of Things(IoT), or digital signage, whose services we can call upon for the benefit of your business.

With pooled expertise, the partner services of the Varnex network can fulfill all your IT needs – the ones you know about and the ones we bring to your attention. Equally important, we have among us the experience and manpower to put these new tools and tech to work in record time. We can order them up with one phone call and at a fixed rate, giving you final costs up-front.


For more information on the Varnex community follow this link to their page.